I was born in 1978 in a small town in South Carolina. My mom is from Germany, and my father is from South Carolina. Art has always been my gift and led me to become a designer. Later, I studied web design and development. I've now been working in these fields for more than ten years. Also, I'm happily married to my wife, Tina. We married on 11-11-11 in Fort Lauderdale. My wife is Indian, and we like to say we had a big fat Indian wedding. We have two children, a boy, and a girl, ages three and six. My side hustle is marketing and advertising for small businesses here in the Raleigh area. Lastly, I can say that I'm a "Jack of All Trades", “Renaissance Man”, or an "Everything But The Kitchen Sink" type of designer/developer.
Digital Marketing Intro Vlog

New Digital Marketing Vlog Series

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Red Circle Marketing has launched a new digital marketing video blog for businesses in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. We will show you some of the challenges you may find when marketing your business. In future videos, we will talk about real estate marketing, retail marketing, automotive marketing, and more.

Web Design

Learn how web design can help your business convert more visitors. Our Vlog goes over everything you need to know about web design. Some things you may need to update on your website, and things you should not have on your website. In the end, we hope to transform your website into a stronger piece of your business’s digital marketing arsenal.

Web Development

We go behind the scenes of real websites and show you what features help your site and what hurts it. Watch and follow how you can transform your site and boost performance. Move up in google rankings by following our SEO tips, and more.

WordPress Admin Area

WordPress Features

Websites built with WordPress are very common. You can learn how to use WordPress features and plugins to improve your business. Easy to install and use but can quickly get complicated when you start adding features. We will cover popular WordPress plugins and how they work.

Email Marketing

What will you do when you get that first email from your website? Learn about the best practices of email marketing. See how you can easily build professional responsive email campaigns to send to your customer base and leads.

Social Media Marketing

Watch how we set up Facebook advertising and Google AdWords for your business’s social media marketing campaign. You will learn how to properly build an audience to maximize your digital marketing budget. See what the differences are between the types of ads available on Facebook and Google.

Better Digital Marketing SEO & Performance

SEO can be like trying to navigate a dense jungle. Our videos will help you with the way you can improve the content on your site to start climbing up in rankings. We will go over some specialized tools like Marketgoo and services to aid in producing SEO content.

Hosting & Technology

One of the most overlooked parts to the success of your website is your host. What to look for in a web host based off your requirements. They are not all bad, but they are not all great either. Watch to find out more.

Our reason for the digital marketing video blog

It is our hope that our videos and posts will help you make your business a success. If there is anything that you would like use to discuss, please reach out to use. Contact us anytime.

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