Optimizing your site for SEO can improve your ranking on search engine results pages. 

One of the key components of any Digital Marketing Campaign is what is commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is generally defined as everything that is accomplished on a website in order to increase its placement on the Search Engine Results Page or SERP. This is as opposed to SEM or Search Engine Marketing which is generally restricted to efforts apart from the actual website or offsite, used in order to drive traffic to the website. SEO is an integral part of literally every aspect of the website planning, design, construction and even in the daily operations and maintenance of these websites.


The primary components of SEO are incorporated into the website design. It is important to note that the computers do not merely read the text on a website in the same fashion that humans do. Rather, the computers read the coding that passes that information back and forth. The Search Engines send out “Spiders” and “Bots” which are actually programs (or more accurately, program agents) that read all of the coding behind the website. Many little things that people may not even see, will adversely impact the website and prevent it from being ranked highly in the search engines or on the SERP because of what are otherwise relatively minor issues with SEO onsite.

1 %
Email marketing

54% of all small businesses us email to market their business.

1 %

51% of small businesses us a website to increase business leads and revenue.

1 %
Social Media

45% of small businesses use social media to reach customers and increase brand awareness.

Content is also very important. Certainly, you want to have content that goes into detail about all of your operations, but which keywords should your content focus on? Which keywords should be ignored? How do you go about creating authoritative, well-written content if you are too busy focusing on which keywords you are supposed to use? How do differentiate between keyword related content and keyword spam that may even get your site “Sandboxed” or effectively removed from all of the search engines?

The little icon seen in the address bar in the web browser may look cute and clever, helping people to remember the site. In reality, the absence of something so seemingly inconsequential will result in “404 Errors” each and every time a page is loaded, greatly decreasing the capacity of the website to be ranked well … because of an icon not showing up where it is expected. These days, SEO can be made even more challenging as it has become increasingly important to utilize “Responsive” Website designs … basically meaning that someone can just as easily view the website on a smartphone, a tablet or on a more traditional laptop or desktop computer.


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But how can you create a website that is easily viewed on multiple platforms? How can you possibly learn and understand all of the seemingly minor details and which ones have major consequences? More importantly perhaps, is it really worth putting your business and the result of all of your hard work at risk while you figure these thing out for yourself?


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