Branding expresses the spirit of your business by defining your brand and visual identity.

Branding Helps

  • Add value to your products and service
  • Strengthen consumer confidence
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Boost business


  • Logo design
  • Color system
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand language

Why Red Circle

  • Full brand agency
  • Industry-leading design
  • Energizing
  • Wide range of creativity and variety

Branding Your Business

Brand design, is taking your current brand and visual identity and fashioning it into a new tool. This tool defines the spirit of your business or service. How do we do this? Our services and brand strategy transform your image. Techniques and strategies that guide how a consumer feels about your business. Can company branding define everything about my business? Yes, images are powerful. A reaction occurs inside each consumer. Strong brands can form what that reaction will be.

To decide on whether to work with a Raleigh brand agency or branding company can be a tough decision. The costs and return on your investment may be a factor. Less understanding of this process and the positive influence it has on business can impact your decision. However, we sit down with you and provide that information and assurance. Soon your brand begins to develop and begins to make a lasting influence on a consumer.

Branding Spirit

If You Have a Brand

When we talk about banding. You may ask, what can your company do to improve my brand? Meaning, what can you do if I already have a logo? As a brand company, we’ll elevate your identity, strengthen your appearance, clarify your business, improve a consumers branding experience, and service through brand building. So, a combination of services are provided in creating your brand. Companies achieve great things by investing in their brand. Look at these top brands of today here.

Our Services

As a client, we will develop a professionally designed logo. We select the best font faces that relate to the brand we are creating. Our team creates the most popular types of stationery for your business. This also includes digital layouts like email and signatures. Also, graphic assets that can be used on your business’s website. Such as iconography, design elements, imagery, and image styles.

Branding Guidelines

Finally, we wrap all this work up in an easy to reference brand guideline book. The guidelines are easy to reference for designers and marketing team members in your business. This way, your brand is consistent in all your businesses marketing assets.

Color System

Additionally, we will provide you with a color system to use in new creative work in the future. Also included, we develop your brand language. This guides the tone and grammar of your written copy for your promotions, tagline, website copy, print, and more.

1 %
Brand Awareness

48% of all small business say branding and brand awareness are one of the top two marketing priorities. Sales being the second.

1 %
B2B Marketing

77% of marketing leaders say branding is critical to growing your business.

1 %
Revenue Increase

Always presenting your brand in a consistent manner can lead to at 23% increase in revenue.

Logo Design & Visual Identity

Red Circle can provide businesses like yours with a complete visual identity and logo design. Our design team has the experience to produce a professional, unique, and creative brand and logo for your business. Take a look at some of our previous logo design work.

A logo or logotype is an emblem or symbol to identify your business or product. A company’s logo is usually the same as its brand or trademark. How can we help design the perfect logo for your business? Or maybe you ask yourself, do I have a good logo?

Your logo will transform as your business grows. A business that has just started will need to communicate more information in their logo at first. Later, as your logo and business become more well known, then you can think about rebranding your business. The Nike swoosh logo mark and McDonald’s golden arches would not be well-recognized logos if they were just starting their business today.

If you are looking for a great DIY logo maker or logo generator try the online tool on

If You Have a Brand

At Red Circle, our brand team develops your logo in three parts. We design your logo type, logo mark, and your logo lockup. The logo type is the part of your logo that uses typography to communicate your businesses name. Your logo mark is a symbol, a graphic, or mark next to your logo type. Lastly your logo lockup is how these two elements are set together. You may have different variations for any layout constraints or requirements. These constraints can be height, width, dark backgrounds, light backgrounds, or non-standard media like embroidery or metal.

Our Branding Services

A versatile logo must be easily readable in all applications. You should be able to easily identify your logo in color and black and white. Your logo should be design for use on dark background and one color. For example, a solid white logo on a black background. On the other hand, a solid black logo should display on a white background.


If You Have a Brand

What is the best color for my logo? The best color for your logo would be a combination of your primary brand color and the use of accent colors. The use of your primary color in your brand color system is mandatory. But accent colors used in your logo can vary. Also, you do not have to limit your logo color to just the colors in your color palette. Feel free to use additional colors that compliment your logo design and brand.

Strengthen your brand and visual identity.

Your identity matters. Whether you are looking for a complete rebrand or new branded material Red Circle is your #1 choice.


Our typography experts will select a primary font face for your identity as well as a secondary font face that will compliment your font face. There are thousands of font types available to choose from. And, as a portion of the service we offer, we select the perfect typeface or font for your business. Brand typography must communicate the same feeling and story as your logo. For example, a classic serif font would not be a good choice for a business that wants to attract a modern consumer or vice versa.


Iconography has been around for a while but using icons has recently become popular again. So, what’s the purpose of iconography? Iconography is the use of symbols in your marketing materials to communicate a message. The popularity of iconography is mostly due to the wide use of mobile devices today. Space is limited for mobile users so icons can provide users with useful information and interfaces.

Branded Stationary

Your visual identity will include layouts and templates for your company’s stationery. These items are branded and designed in a way to complement and communicate your brand. Your new business stationery includes letterhead design, business card design, layout templates for print or web, envelope design, and any specialized promotional materials.

Brand Imagery

A powerful part of your brand and visual identity is imagery. Included in the imagery service is also the image styles for use in marketing materials. Major brands and your competitors take the extra time to photography their products or business in a certain manner. Branded imagery, just like your brand elements, must also communicate the same feeling and spirit as your business. Your business’s brand imagery can also incorporate graphic styles and elements as well.

Brand Language

Our writing team develops a brand language you will use in marketing just as our designers create your logo and styles. Brand language can be styled to match your visual identity. Your brand language can be aggressive or edgy, fun, and lite hearted, or powerful and epic. So, what is a good example of brand language? Well, your business tagline is a great example of how you develop your brand language.

Brand Guidelines

After developing your brand and visual identity or team combines all the work into your brand guidelines. What are brand guidelines? Or, what is a brand guidelines book? This is a reference manual you and your business will use in all future marketing materials. It helps when you need to know the names of your corporate font face or RGB color codes, or CMYK color codes for your color system. The guidelines define information for design materials like the preferred margins around your logo.

Color System

Our team of color experts work to create a color system to use in your print and web marketing material. The color system we develop includes your primary or color, a secondary color, as well and accent colors. A color system can also be developed for your products and services. Information about each color is included. This information includes the RGB color codes or hex codes, CYMK color codes, and if used Pantone color code. What are these color codes? Easy, color is made up of primary colors, and the codes represent how much of each primary color to use. RGB color codes are mainly used in web and digital art. And CYMK color codes tell printers how much of each primary color to use in printed pieces. A Pantone color code is a system developed to reference the same color between designers and marketing professionals. 

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